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Anthology includes excerpts from three of my published books: MUD RIVER, INTERVALS, APPALACHIA TO ISTANBUL, and FORTY THORNS
Front Cover Art work copyright permission for use by K. Kamal Ayyildiz “Foreword” to works by Dr. Erin Webster Garrett, Professor at Radford University
“Unforced and authentic, which is pretty rare today.”
–-William Packard, NYQ Review
a NOVEL based on an oral biography of a Turkish woman of the past century placed in a historical frame
This novel is a history of Turkey from 1900 to the present, from the sultanate to the republic, of wars, revolutions and the changes within a nation, of a family and of a woman, a saga, a love story between a man and woman and a woman with her country.
Spiritual strength from moving, insightful, yet humorous stories of the people and experiences in Judy's life.
Fiction and Nonfiction, Children Ages 6-12
An American grandson of a Turkish immigrant learns about his Turkish and Ottoman heritage.
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January 7, 2007

March 8, 2007 I'll give the address for the American Association of University Women for the "International Women's Day" Celebration. WOMEN IN AMERICA, WOMEN IN TURKEY, WOMEN IN GENERAL: ENVIRONMENTS THAT KEEP US IN THE SAME BOAT.

March 24, 2007 (all day Saturday workshop). I'll be teaching a hands-on MEMOIR writing class for the Blue Ridge Pen.

January 20-29: I get to attend the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah because my traveling friend, Jerlene Jones, has a son (Keith Lewis) who is producter of a documentary that made it into Sundance and is up for two awards-and they invited me. Couldn't miss it!

My daughter, Karen, who was the layout-design person for my first children's book, is working with me on the writing of my second book in the series of Turkish-American kids who discover their roots. This time, it's an eighth-grade cheerleader who has to write a first research paper about ancestors and discovers in the process about her heritage.


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