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Thank you for your work on this excellent book for our children.You have done what needed most in our community by giving access to our children to understand our history and culture. Our community will always remember your work. On behalf of the boards of ATAA, I would like to congratulate and thank you.
Your book is definitely a suggested book for Turkish-American community.

Vural Cengiz, President
Assembly of Turkish American Associations.

" DELIGHTFUL CHILDREN'S BOOK by Ayyildiz: The large format 44-page story book is illustrated profusely by her husband Dr. Vedii Ayyildiz. His watercolors drawn with a fluid dreamy style have captured a child's rich innerscape well. This comfortably-breathing bright and handsome book was designed by the talented Karen Perihan Ayyildiz. Through a sweeping survey of the last 1200 years of Turkish history, we learn where the Turks once had lived, how they migrated to Anadolu, and who the Ottomans were." Ugur Akinci, Turkish Torque

"In his grandfather's tales, Jim learns the story of his people and of the grandfather who traveled around the world and settled in the United States. A book for a child wondering about his ancestors, part story telling, part history, part sheer magic. Beautifully illustrated with hand-drawn maps and watercolors. A must for any child with Turkish ancestry."
Amanda Cockrell, Director, Graduate Program in Children's Literature, Hollins University

"Judy, congratulations for a delightful book. I enjoyed it very much. I also read the book with a 10-year old and found the interest and enjoyment as favorable. It is a book I would recommend to all who have Turkish and Ottoman ancestors."
-Sema Karaoglu, Founder
Daughters of ATATURK

"... wonderful book. Yes, it will definitely be a good educational tool for kids...schools as part of our organization's work with teachers."
-Sema Basol
Executive Director, Global Friendship Through Space Education, 15200 Sunset Blvd., Suite 211, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, www.gftse.org

"It is delightful and I am particularly taken by the color."
-Sahiplenelim (SED)Adoptions, Youth Education
Sosyal Sorumluluk Egitim Dernegi, Istanbul

make students ponder...special..."
-Sue Hodge
Elementary School Teacher, Virginia

Being a nomad in the Asian Steppes sounded like more fun than empires--like one long camping trip that would last all of your life. An eight-year-old boy could feed his own goat and ride his own horse--perhaps a shining black stallion. Jim had never shot a bow and arrow, but he had sat around a campfire under the stars. “Why did the Turks go away from the Asian Steppes?” Jim asked.

Great for introduction to a unit of Ancestors/Family Tree Studies. Excellent for Turkish Schools or to be placed in Elementary and Middle Public School Libraries for International Studies and Turkish-American Awareness.

Full watercolor illustrations by Vedii Ayyildiz.

"I don't know what color Judy's eyes are, but they seem to see into the soul like an x-ray can see broken bones. For a long time I have been searching for a book like this about Turkish history and culture. It's everything I have imagined a book like this should be."

–-Ayse Bostick


"I was not surprised about everyone's interest in your book because it is the first book of its kind and is written beautifully. It was a joy for my entire family to read."

–-Emine Dilek Izmirli


"I love the book--such a lovely treasure you are giving to grandkids and adults too!"

–-Feza Balci